Hometown Vending Products

Vending Machines in The Woodlands and Conroe

Hometown Vending brings you all the wonderful benefits of having vending machines in your school, office, work areas, lunch room, and customer areas. Our huge variety of name brand beverages, candy, natural snacks, chips, and gums run the full range of delicious treats and quick meals. Most small vendors buy from only one or two sources… we buy from several sources to offer you the best possible variety.

Hometown Vending is famous for clean reliable machines that are in proper working condition. We insist on installing and maintaining your vending machines at no extra charge. Good service is never left to chance, so we schedule regular service checks and only use the latest technology. You can expect quick response if a machine is not working properly.

Our machines are clean, easy to use, and stocked with everyone’s favorites, including a growing selection of healthier choices.
Equipment downtime is minimal as we respond right away if issues arise.
Our customer-specific service schedule insures that coils have product virtually 100% of the time.
You have the option to subsidize the cost for your employees.








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