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Coke Zero Sugar replacing Zero?

Coke Zero Sugar replacing Coke Zero??? The Coca Cola bottling company recently introduced a new product called Coke Zero Sugar.  Some have fallen in love with Coke Zero and are concerned that the taste will change with the new name.  Looks like they may be the exact...

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Tips for Better Health Houston 2017

Tips for Better Health Houston 2017!  Houston... we have a problem; Houstonians love to eat.  In fact, Houston offers some of the best restaurants in the USA.  It is hard to pick the best bbq, seafood, tex-mex, etc. restaurant because they are all good.  Furthermore,...

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Stream VMS vending route software

We are excited to inform our customers that we are now using a vending route software system.. a.k.a. VMS system!  The company is called Stream VMS and the system tracks our drivers, cash management, scheduling, customer commissions, machine and location reports and...

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Lay’s Wavy Chips Dipped in Chocolate?

Frito Lay has offered countless chip flavors over the years but few compare to the new Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips dipped in chocolate!  Over the years, Frito Lay has introduced more flavors than we care to list.  However, the Lay’s Wavy Chocolate chips sounds pretty...

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