We are excited to inform our customers that we are now using a vending route software system.. a.k.a. VMS system!  The company is called Stream VMS and the system tracks our drivers, cash management, scheduling, customer commissions, machine and location reports and more.  The iOS Stream app is utilized and data is pushed to our realtime dashboard for enabling total control of our business.  We know exactly how money each driver should be bringing back each day from each machine or location.  Furthermore, all commissioned customers now have a unique user name and password they will use to login and view all current and past commission reports.  Upgrading our business is extremely important now days to keep up with the competition.  Most of the large vending operators have been using some sort of system for years now.  The small to medium companies are now starting to get on board with technology.

Stream VMS vending machine management system is cutting edge technology and we are pleased to offer it our valued customers.  Stream VMS is located at and we feel the investment has allowed us to grow and not have to worry to much about drivers skimming the money.  Furthermore, customers now want the best service possible and an organized consistent schedule is key.  Route drivers forgetting stops or machines causes frustration and can lead to changes in vending companies.  Hometown Vending’s customers now longer have to worry about accidentally skipping their location, etc.  The Stream scheduling feature makes it easy to keep track of things.