Credit Card Reader Interactive touchscreen vending houston conroe

Credit Card Reader Interactive touchscreen vending houston conroe

Hometown Vending now offering the next generation of cashless vending machine technology… eport Interactive. The ePort® Interactive offers our customers vending machines  that are the most advanced cloud-based interactive and cashless capable machines available.  It enables the delivery of nutritional information, remote (by text) refunds, loyalty programs, and robust, potential multimedia-marketing campaigns for select vending machines from Hometown Vending.  The eport devices supports traditional credit and debit cards, as well as NFC (Mobile Wallet) payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Innovative Technology
The simple, clean touchscreen device is a vibrant, full color touch screen allowing the display of national or custom marketing and promotional campaigns.  Basically, it combines cashless payment with nutrition info into one device. Furthermore, if an employee or staff member loses money… we can text back a code that will allow them to make another purchase on us.
Broad Applications
The simple design of the device and superior security features of both the device and the ePort Interactive platform make it the coolest and best-in-class solution for our vending customers in Conroe, Houston, Magnolia, or the Woodlands looking for a payment solution offering a high tech consumer engagement and content delivery options.
On-screen nutritional Facts, colorfully displayed, detailed product information is available prior to purchase, informing the consumer about their selection.
On-screen advertising with interactive user interface: Brilliant touchscreens attract more customers and influence consumer purchasing patterns. The Interactive touch screen offers positive consumer patterns and encourages interaction of your staff with the vending machines.
On-screen assistance: Save time and money by quickly returning lost money with unique credit codes that can be sent to customers via SMS text messages. Also, we can manage subsidized ‘free vend’ location occasions without ever needing to visit a machine.

The eport Interactive system is a high-speed wireless connection and state-of-the-art cashless option that offers Hometown Vending customers the best possible experience.  Contact Hometown Vending today and we can help you decide if an eport device is an option for your location.

Hometown Vending Fresh Micro-Market Decision Houston

Hometown Vending Fresh Micro-Market Decision Houston

Hometown Fresh Micro-Market!  the Best Houston Texas Decision You Ever Made… and it didn’t cost you a dime!!

For years vending machines have been loved by break rooms everywhere. They offer convenience, provide delicious/healthy snacks for your staff employees. However, in these same years, vending machines have been loved to be hated. Products getting stuck, coin jams, dollar bills (no matter how many times you flatten them) won’t read and in some scenarios products (when they do vend) deliver only to be expired. In short, vending machines are just that: machines. And machines are not perfect sometimes causing frustration. But what if there was a system that was closer to perfect? One that prevents lost money and stuck products? One that offered even fresher food and guaranteed that customers never had to purchase an outdated product again? A micro-market from Hometown Fresh Markets is the answer.

A Hometown Fresh Micro-Market operates as a mini convenience store in break rooms or lounges in place of typical vending machines. With open shelving for shelf stable products, reach in coolers and freezers customers (your staff members) can touch their products before making a purchase. Imagine the possibility of touching and feeling your product choices prior to purchasing! Checking expiration dates and examining nutrition content is easy.

And for freshness?
Those reach in coolers, in addition to beverages; hold FRESH food like delicious sandwiches, salads, burritos, yogurts, parfaits, wraps, fruit, etc. are now readily accessible to your staff without ever having to leave their Houston, Conroe, Woodlands offices.
So what does all of this mean for your business? How does happier and healthier employees, less off-site staff lunches, and improved employee efficiency sound? Which in turn increases your company’s bottom line as happy employees produce better results.
Want to revolutionize your Houston area break room with a Hometown Fresh Micro-Market service of your own? Call your local Conroe Woodlands vendor, Hometown Vending today at (281) 305-VEND and ask what requirements need to be met to qualify for a Hometown Fresh Micro-Market at your place of business.