Houston Vending Company offers cutting edge technology!

Houston Vending Company offers cutting edge technology!

Are you looking for a vending machine company that continually strives to offer added value to your staff and students?  If so, look no further than Hometown Vending of Conroe, Houston, and The Woodlands Texas areas.  Our new M.E.I. Bill Acceptors take ones, fives, and tens and gives change back in dollar bills!! No more messing around with a pocket full of quarters after purchasing.

We have yet to see any of our competitors offering such a valuable tool that allows more choices and great flexibility when purchasing from a Hometown Vending Machine.  This cutting-edge device continues to escrow dollar bills enabling it to return dollar bills instead of quarters.

Many of our vending machines will receive the new upgrade, however, some won’t. If you would like us to insta

ll one in your Hometown Vending Machine… please call or email us today and we can discuss further. As always, thank you for your continued business.




Coke Zero now an option in Conroe, Houston, and The Woodlands TX

Hometown Vending now offering Coke Zero

Hometown Vending now offering Coke Zero!







Hometown Vending Machine Services has always offered only Coke and Diet Coke cans and bottles.  However, we have more and more requests for Coke Zero.  Well… we are excited to  now offer Coke Zero (cans and bottles) in any of our locations.  We have been offering Coke Zero at a few locations for nearly two years and are now convinced that many will like to have Coke Zero as an added option.  Over the next few weeks, Coke Zero will be added to your glass front style beverage vending machines. Additionally, we are in the process of adding a selection in your bubble front style beverage machines. However, keep in mind that we will have to remove one item and most likely will be the slowest seller.

Coke Zero has zero calories and zero sugars.  You will love Coke Zero now available in both 12oz. cans and 20oz. bottles. All of our locations from Conroe to Houston to the Woodlands will have the option of adding Coke Zero!  Hometown Vending Machine Services is committed to offering healthier choices in our vending machines.  Please call or email us if you would like to have Coke Zero added to your vending machines.

Roddy Arnold owner Hometown Vending

Have you ever been taken by a contractor?  Do you really know and trust your vendor or the route driver entering your school, business, or building?  Unfortunately, as with most businesses, the vending machine industry is no exception to the occasional shady owner and/or route driver.  We want our current and future customers to know that we take integrity and responsibility seriously at Hometown Vending Services of Conroe, Houston, and The Woodlands.  In fact, our route merchandisers had their backgrounds checked prior to becoming an employee ensuring safety at your school, business, or location.

Roddy Arnold, the owner, holds a bachelors degree in business from the University of Houston Downtown via the University Center in the Woodlands.  Furthermore, Roddy takes integrity and responsibility to the highest level.  Unlike some vendors, we encourage audits of our internal cash meters on the machines so that our customers can trust that we are paying the exact amount due in monthly commission payments.  Sometimes, we downright insist on an audit so that our customers trust that we are paying our commissions spot on.  Go ahead… ask your current vendor for a machine audit.

Roddy Arnold lives in the Woodlands Texas and is happily married and father of two.  He is committed to his faith and family and takes running the largest vending machine company in Montgomery County seriously.  We are Hometown Vending Machine Services of Conroe, Houston, and The Woodlands Texas and hope you call us soon to discuss upgrading your vending program.