Hometown Vending Now Offers a Healthy Vending Machine

Hometown Vending Now Offers a Healthy Vending Machine

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Hometown Healthy Vending is a division of Hometown Vending.  Please don’t be confused… same company with the same great service.  Back in 2012, we made an effort to improve our product offerings to include more healthy alternatives.  We feel that customers now look for more healthy options.   Furthermore, Hometown Healthy Vending now services some schools and a strict healthy offering only policy is now in place.

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We are Hometown Vending and service many areas in  North and West Houston.  We are growing in Houston Texas by offering great prices, state of the art equipment, and superior service.  We understand that it is often difficult choosing a vending machine supplier in Houston.  Unlike most vending operators, we do not require a contract in most cases making it easy to part with us if not making you satisfied.  We offer many healthy items and traditional items as well.  Unlike the small mom and pop vendor, Hometown Vending buys from several sources.  For more information on the best healthy and traditional vending machine company in the Houston area… please visit us at…

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